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PUUR is the activator of human flourishing


PUUR provides unparalleled service for human flourishing; from relational-emotional health, financial health, physical health, educational health, marital health, parental health to mental health.


Our method, 10-min compassion calls with peers each day, is the #1 prescription of the world's leading lifestyle medicine, mental health, and trauma pioneers; including the top Fortune 100 success coaches.

Our mission is to bring love (and all its facets) to every heart, anytime, anywhere, because love is (by far) the most powerful comforter, healer and change agent. There isn't even a 2nd choice for human flourishing than deeply felt love, daily.

Why our founder and co-founder risked it all to create PUUR?


See them interviewed on prestigious, Wisdom 2.0, by renowned wellbeing practitioner, Ruchika Sikri, wellness VC, former Head of Google Human Learning & Wellness

Richard Lee & Ruchika Sikri: The Power of Human Connection
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