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Brain Games Scam

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Brain Games Fail to Build Brain

“A groundbreaking 2010 study led by Western neuroscientist Adrian Owen, Canada Excellence Research Chair in Cognitive Neuroscience and Imaging, monitored cognitive performance in 11,000 people who 'brain trained' for six weeks. It found that getting good at brain games doesn't improve working memory or enhance IQ.” -Science Daily
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Brain Games Debunked by Over 70 Top Scientists

Cautions about brain games were publicized in a 2014 consensus paper from the Stanford University Center on Longevity in which over 70 scientists concluded that there is no evidence that playing brain games prevents Alzheimer's or other types of dementia.

Lumosity Brain Game App Fined Millions for Deceptive Advertising

Lumosity “brain training” app have agreed to settle Federal Trade Commission charges alleging that they deceived consumers with unfounded claims that Lumosity games can help users perform better. 
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