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The Mental Health Scam

"The 'mental health' industry: addiction recovery centers, counselors, and various schools of psychology and psychiatry. Unlike the advocates, those who investigate them often find the results are less than what the practitioners might want you to believe."

-Dr. Todd Becker, Biotechnologist, Stanford University   


Near 100% Failure & Parasitic​

"If I can say my patients’ success rate is 5%, I’d be held as an international genius." Generally across the board, less than 5% of patients ever overcome addictions...

Manufacturing Victims

There is no evidence supporting the efficacy of psychology. Dr. Tana Dineen: “Psychology industry should stop doing what it's doing to people; they are manufacturing victims."

5 Reasons to Dump Therapists

Psychotherapy is most helpful to those who needed it the least. “No one has claimed psychotherapy’s effectiveness is large.” -American Psychiatric Association.

Psychiatry: Turning Kids Into Addicts = Profits

“I feel like I have almost disappeared from everyone’s point of view.” -Crystal, 15 yr old. The meds are destroying our future. Our kids are being overly and wrongly medicated...

Psychiatrists Make Victims & Invent Disorders = Profits

There’s never been a study to prove the "chemical imbalance" of serotonin and dopamine promoted by psychiatrists and big pharma...

CBT, EFT, NLP & All Psychotherapies: Indifferent

According to the handbook of outcomes in psychotherapy: There’s little to no difference between therapies based on thousands of studies...

Do Mental Health Apps Help?

"Randomized controlled trials of mobile app mental health interventions with almost 50,000 patients did not find "convincing evidence" that ANY mobile app intervention greatly improved outcomes related to people's anxiety, depression, smoking or drinking, thoughts of suicide, or feelings of well-being." - Harvard Health

How Does Therapy Harm?

"There are numerous sources of qualitative evidence on clients' negative experience of psychotherapy, which they report as harmful." -Research

Mental Illness, Really? No Tests And No Cure. So Who Benefits?

Psychiatrists admit that there are no medical tests that can prove anyone has a “mental illness.” It’s a total fraud. The medications are in fact toxic and do more damages to the brain. The people who make the diagnoses are the ones who benefit.

What's The Biggest Legal Fraud Everyone Needs To Know

Psychiatrists admit they can not cure their patients. Despite international warnings that psychiatric drugs can cause suicide, violence, psychosis mania, heart attacks and sudden death. Yet, Insurance in the U.S. alone pays out $69 billion in mental health costs annually. International psychiatric drug sales have reached $75 billion per year.

Why “Mental Health” Methods Are Horrible?

Dr. John Townsend, the psychologist that trains psychologists admit the status quo approach to mental health is wrong. The focus is on behaviors but not solving the root issue like relational issues, emotional issues...

People Are Better Experts For Themselves Than The "Experts"

As many studies show, including a meta-analyses of 15 studies, published in Administration and Policy in Mental Health and Mental Health Services Research, found no difference in the treatment outcomes for patients who saw a therapist and those who followed guided self-help with safe peers.
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