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Wellness Isn't Well

Workplace Wellness Programs Don't Really Work

A randomized research shows, wellness programs had no significant changes to employees’ cholesterol level, blood pressure, and body mass index. Nor did it lower absenteeism, increase job performance...

Wellness Programs Rarely Work As Advertised

Wellness programs have been reported as a powerful tool but many of such studies are written by the industry itself. Real data shows the programs not only don’t save money but do not improve health...

Health & Wellness: Don't Take Instagram's Word For It

Ever came across Instagram posts or ads that just seem too good to be true? Beware of the beautiful lies promoted by beautiful influencers without real scientific and medical backings.

Corporate Wellness Programs Had No Significant Effects -Harvard

"Employees working at sites offering the program did not have better clinical measures of health such as body mass index, blood pressure or cholesterol after 18 months, nor did they exhibit lower absenteeism, better job performance or lower health care use or spending."

Workplace Wellness Programs Don't Improve Employee Health: Study

Although more employers are turning to workplace wellness programs to improve workers' health and save on healthcare costs, a new study shows they aren't improving health metrics.

Not-So-Squeaky Clean: Why Wellness Culture Is A Scam

It’s time we viewed the restrictive philosophy peddled by ‘influencers’ and corporates as what it is: dangerous, manipulative crap.

Gwyneth Paltrow & Goop: Another Triumph of Celebrity Pseudoscience & Quackery

Earlier this month, the hostilities between Gwyneth Paltrow’s den of celebrity pseudoscience & quackery, her “lifestyle” website & store Goop, & skeptics erupted into open warfare, as Goop attacked Dr. Jen Gunter...
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