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Preferred over therapists and mindfulness


A meta-analysis of many leading studies; including a Harvard study and a 2020 CDC study shows; because of fear and stigma, just 9.5% of people used therapists, and then over half of those will prematurely terminate their sessions, which leaves a total of just 4.5% who like psychotherapy. Furthermore, in many leading studies, the top 5 mindfulness apps show an average retention rate of just 3.9%. Now compare the top studies for 10-min compassion dyad calls ("PUUR") by Stanford Medicine at 93.68% of people loved or liked. In addition, the world's leading neuroscience study of wellbeing (by Max Planck Institute of Brain Sciences) showed that 93.1% of people loved or liked compassion dyad calls. Combined, these studies show; people prefer PUUR 20.67 times over therapists and mindfulness.

“The Compassion Dyad [with an unmatched 93.6% user satisfaction rate] shows to be...more efficient than current programs that [have stigma,] are prohibitively expensive, not scalable and require face to face expert mediated delivery.”