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Do Superhumans Really Exist?

If so, can you model their behaviors to be superhuman too?



In the world's top longitudinal studies ("the studies of studies"); from Harvard to The Blue Zones, modern science has uncovered a race of humans, called, The Immortals. They live much longer, happier, healthier and enjoy more meaningful success than everyone else. Discover how The Immortals buffer stress...and build super inner-strength to live super lives.

Compared to the rest of the world, The Immortals have only 1/6th of chronic disease, while depression...and cancer are nearly non-existent. Therefore, they barely need doctors, and don't use shrinks nor "anti-depressants."

These Immortals are the real superhumans, and they live in five Blue Zones of the world: (1) Okinawa, Japan. (2) Loma Linda, California. (3) Sardinia, Italy. (4) Nicoya, Costa Rica. (5) Ikaria, Greece. 




Interestingly, there was a Blue Zone #6: Roseto, Pennsylvania. But, through adopting behaviors of the masses, in only a decade, the Rosetans lost their superhuman longevity and resilience (see What's The Lesson of Roseto? below). 

Do you want to know the top superhuman behavior, revealed in these studies, that separates them from subpar humans? The #1 superhuman behavior (by far) is having open, deep conversations with one another, daily.

What's The #1 Behavior of Superhumans?

The Blue Zones' Dr. Susan Pinker, reveal the shocking truth that counters what you've been taught


Having close friends, and the No. 1, Social Integration, where you are bonding with others (daily) through authentic talking and empathetic listening is your relational health: the top predictor (by far) of your longevity and resilience. High resiliency people are happiest, healthiest, and enjoy more meaningful success. All, born of daily, healthy realational practice. Conclusion? Super is as super does.

Are Daily Deep Talks the #1 Secret of Resilience and Longevity? - Prof. Susan Pinker, PHD, Blue Zones: Land of The Immortals
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