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What are top 24 signs of toxic social stress?



○  Overly competitive, perfectionistic
○  Easily embarrassed/stressed
○  Worry you're not enough...
○  Anxious how people see you
○  People-pleaser, lie for acceptance
○  You chase looking cool...
○  You need to be liked/popular
○  Can't handle rejection/criticism
○  You one-up judge others
○  You're too shy, prone to self-pity
○  You avoid difficult emotions...
○  You worry what they say of you



○  Hypersensitive, self-critical, angry
○  You lack empathy/compassion
○  Always "mind reading" people
○  Co-dependent/addicted to people
○  You suffer loneliness, depression...
○  High fear of failure/procrastinate
○  You gossip, slander, rant, vent...
○  Stress: You're reactive/defensive
○  You love status and power
○  You crave popularity, position
○  You seek hedonism, numbing
○  Live in delusions of grandeur

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