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"Therapy" vs. PUUR & PUUR Community

See the World's Top Mental Health Clinician shockingly denounce status quo “mental health”​

"Therapy" vs. PUUR & PUUR Community. -Prof. Bruce Perry, MD, PhD, PhD, World’s Top Trauma Clinician
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“In the absence of true connectedness; you can go to the ‘best psychiatrist’ in the world and get all the ‘evidenced-based’ practices — and you will not get better.”

World's Leading Mental Health & Trauma Clinician, Prof. Dr. Bruce Perry, MD, PhD, Renowned Neurobiologist & Psychiatrist, 3-Time NYT Best-Selling Author

Why "Therapy" Is Not Therapy

How 10-min therapeutic dosing per day beats 45-min "therapy" per week

"Therapy" or 10-Min Real Connection?
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What Is Oprah's Biggest Aha! of Mental Health?

Discover the biggest discovery of Oprah's 25 years in human betterment

Are We Better Than The "Experts"?

As many studies show, including a meta-analyses of 15 studies, published in Administration and Policy in Mental Health and Mental Health Services Research, found no difference in the treatment outcomes for patients who saw a therapist and those who followed guided self-help with safe peers.

Can Psychotherapy Pass The Inclusion Test?

The truth is, psychotherapy "helps" just 1 out of 100 in need.

Out of 100 people who need help—only 10 will go because of stigma, cost and inconvenience. In a workplace Employee Assistance Program that number is 7 out of 100 (Harvard, 2019). But let's use 10. Out of those, because they don't feel "therapy" is working plus the stigma, cost and inconvenience, 60% to 65% will drop out before the 8th session (NCBI, HSCIS 2018). Online "therapy" is even worse with dropout rates 10% to 15% higher than in office (Fernandez, 2015). That leaves 4 people remaining in "therapy". Out of these 4, 50% will reach a state of "recovery" in 18 sessions (APA, 2017). That leaves 2. However, out of these 2, 1 (or 50% will relapse within 6 months to 1 year, Shehzad Ali, 2017). That leaves 1 that got "help”. 

What does a single digit recovery rate say? That 1 patient got better not because of psychotherapy but in spite of it. Said differently, at best, psychotherapy excludes 99 out of 100 people who need help. This industry FAILS.
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