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The #1 Prescription

of the U.S. Surgeon General and the world's top lifestyle medicine, mental health, and trauma pioneers

What's the #1 Lifestyle Medicine?

• What is the #1 Lifestyle Medicine & Disease Preventor?

Nothing is more powerful in medicine and nutrition than expressing your feelings to a non-toxic listener and doing the same for them in return

What's the #1 Lifestyle Medicine? -Dr. Dean Ornish, MD, "The Father of Lifestyle Medicine."
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"The father of lifestyle medicine", 2-time Presidential Special Health Advisor, renowned cardiologist, disease prevention pioneer, NYT Best-selling author, Dr. Dean Ornish, MD.

Cardi-neurological sequencing by Dr. Dean Ornish, MD, 2-Time Presidential
Special Health Advisor, Renowned Cardiologist, Lifestyle Medicine Pioneer

World's Top Mental Health & Trauma Pioneer Denounces “Therapy” And Prescribes 10-min Heart-to-Heart Calls

"Healing does not come from one 45-min 'therapy' per week. It comes from many micro doses per day from seconds to 10 minutes of true conversation."