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More powerful than "therapists" and mindfulness

“The biggest myth in mental health is, "If you're sick, you need to see a doctor."”

World's Leading Trauma & Mental Health Pioneer; Prof. Dr. Bruce Perry, MD, PHD, PHD; Renowned Neurobiologist & Psychiatrist, NYT 3-Time Best-Selling Author


While many "experts" still perpetuate the myth that psychotherapy is the "gold standard" of mental health; modern neuroscience and the world's leading mental health and trauma clinicians have denounced psychotherapy since 2010. Why?

Because study after study shows, "therapy" is not only ineffective for 98% of people; it is harmful to most people, and it actually raises social stress hormones which weaken your resilience and immunity.

Big pharma spends billions promoting psychotherapy because psychotherapists are the top distributors of big pharma’s highly toxic "antidepressants."

Interestingly, the world's leading trauma and mental health researcher-clinician, Prof. Dr. Bruce Perry, MD, PHD, PHD, world-renowned neuroscientist & psychiatrist says, "Weekly 'therapy' is neurobiological nonsense. You don't get well seeing a 'famous psychiatrist' once a week." Dr. Perry's #1 prescription? Daily 10-minute heart-to-heart calls with safe empathic listeners. Watch 2-min video.


Furthermore, a meta-analysis of many leading studies; including the world's leading neuroscience study of wellbeing, conducted by the regarded Max Planck Brain Sciences Institute of Germany; showed that 10-minute compassion dyad calls ("PUUR") lowered social hormonal stress (the key biomarker of wellbeing) by an astonishing 51%. And, in the same leading study, mindfulness failed to lower social hormonal stress at all. Zero effect. Said differently, PUUR has the power to lower the key biomarker of depression...and sickness 51 times more than mindfulness. Watch 1-min video.

“10-min dyad calls achieved a 51% reduction of social hormonal stress — a huge reduction of stress. But mindfulness did not. Zero.”


Prof. Dr. Tania Singer, PHD, PHD Renowned Neuroscientist, Social Psychologist, The World's Leading Neuroscience Study For Wellbeing


In addition, many modern neuroscience studies now show mindfulness does not improve brain structure. Quite opposite, mindfulness causes harm in many people, including poor sleep.


Lastly, many leading studies since 2020 have shown mindfulness is not of Buddhism, but of western capitalism. Said practice born in America is now exposed for being supported by shoddy and biased studies.

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