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Human Flourishing Made Simple, Finally.

Your best mental, physical to financial health through 10-minute compassion calls with pals around the world

Be pure

#1 prescription of leading clinicians

5-min somatic expression + 5-min compassionate-listening ("PUUR")

About PUUR
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of users increased connectedness

The #1 driver of mental health and wellbeing



increased happiness and awareness

The #1 drivers of social to educational health



raised success skills like compassion... 

The #1 driver of financial health and leadership

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Sources: [1] Kristine Klussman · Austin Lee Nichols · Julia Langer · Nicola Curtin. doi:10.5502/ijw.v10i2.855. (2020). Science Daily, (2020). [2] Harvard, (2017). [3] Forbes. (2022),  Inc. (2018). Annamaria Di Fabioa, Donald H. Saklofskeb. doi: 10.1016/j.paid.2020.110109. (2020).

Why the crisis of unwellness despite trillions spent on “pros,” pills to programs?

Because the "helping" industries  SUCK


*Psychotherapy, "wellness," sickcare to corporate training. LEARN MORE

Shown to not purify toxic social stress and repair the brain damage it causes; which are the leading causes (by far) of unwellness to mental illness.

Unsuccessful retention: 96%
repelled by and prematurely terminate "therapy," "rehab," mindfulness, talk groups to exercise and diet.

Common training (especially for success and soft skills) is a waste: nearly 100% of information "taught" is forgotten in 1 week.

Known to cause more harm than help: basically, all “helping” methods are shown to raise toxic social stress, not lower it.