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The #1 Prescription of the World's Leading Lifestyle Medicine, Mental Health, and Trauma Pioneers


Why, Despite So Many "Experts" Peddling Happiness, Health & Wellness, Do We Have Epidemics of Unhappiness, Sickness & Unwellness (Even Pre-Covid)?

Because we lack heart-to-heart conversations daily — the activator of happiness, health and success. This is well established by science

Lack daily heart-to-heart
Daily biotoxin & neurotoxins buildup (The deadliest pollutant)
Toxic life results
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Disconnectedness Loneliness
Toxic "zombie" cells Toxic stress...
Toxic A1 Astrocyte brain-eating cells

So Why Aren't We Having Heart-to-Heart Daily?

Because we are all afraid of the toxic judgmental responses from others

  I told you so!  

  How did you let that happen? 

C'mon, it wasn't that bad. At least...

Here's my unsolicited advice...

Just look on the bright side!


That's nothing! Here's what happened to me...


Toxic responses poison authenticity and vulnerability and close us off. Then we suffer disconnectedness/loneliness — the #1 contagion of mental illness, sickness and unwellness worldwide.

Discover PUUR

(Pronounced "Pure")

PUUR 10-min Zen conversations integrate the compassionate inquiry format of Zen Koans which allows NO toxic responses.

Guiding you to the deepest levels in your neurobiology where biotoxins and neurotoxins build up daily. And, turning ON your cleansing systems to refresh and renew you from the inside-out.

Nothing in science is more powerful. Nothing.

Be the Kindest, Happiest and Healthiest People Who Live 15~40 Years Longer... choosing heart-to-heart conversations daily and thus thrive from your cleanest neurobiology. In addition to enjoying the sense of real connection, worthiness, and life satisfaction.


PUUR is Your All-In-One Life Solution!

Lift your mood, buffer stress, better sleep, best relationships & build success

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The #1 Prescription

of the world's leading clinicians

in lifestyle medicine/nutrition, 

mental health and trauma. WATCH


The #1 Preferred

in studies by Stanford and Harvard; people preferred PUUR 13X over psychotherapy. LEARN MORE

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The World Champion!

Voted People's Choice & #1 in Efficacy over mindfulness in the world's largest neuroscience health study. WATCH 

Their Triumph, Our Inspiration!

With each PUUR, our beloved members make our world kinder, better, and wiser



"PUUR has really brought me closer to other people and helped me get out of those shame bubbles I find myself in." 

Sarah McKinney
Murrieta, CA

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"I am on the front lines with my nurses. It's hard to believe, but PUUR healed my Covid trauma within just two months!"

Mary O’Connell
Professor & Executive Nurse, Boston MA

James Doty.png

"I've seen many miracles at PUUR. It is very powerful. You should give PUUR a try."


Dr. James Doty, MD
Professor, Renowned Neurosurgeon, Neuroscientist

Palo Alto, CA


"PUUR helps me become a better mom, a better wife and a better business owner. I've opened 2 businesses during the global pandemic. For me to have the confidence and certainty in myself, I attribute that to PUUR."

Rita Biagioni
Boston, MA

#Pure Cleanse



"PUUR has helped me so much reducing my stress for school. I manage my time so much better. And I feel so much more motivated to get my work done!"

Laura Porter

Oceanside, CA


“As a doctor, I suffered high stress, anxiety, and chronic conditions. Before PUUR, I tried everything I could think of to cure these. Nothing worked. Then my wife told me about PUUR so I tried it. Today, PUUR has improved my life in ways that are still astounding to me.” 

Dr. Michael Erickson
Menifee, CA


"PUUR helped me a lot with my depression. Doing PUUR daily also helps me feel a lot less anxious."

Taylor Livington
Long Beach, CA


"At Google, we're given the best tools. Before PUUR, I tried everything you could think of to improve my compassion and mind, but with little results. With PUUR I noticed the improvements in the first week and it hasn't stopped. There is nothing like PUUR."

Praveen Settipalli
Google Executive Product Leader, Mountain View, CA

Lauren Lo Headshot.JPG

"I’m OBSESSED with self-development. PUUR is the best tool I have ever found to help me discover and banish shame talk, develop somatic awareness and drop into my emotional life quickly. PUUR has helped me improve my relationships and work, by deepening my capacity for empathy, compassion, vulnerability and courage."
Lauren LoGrasso
Top podcast producer, host, influencer, Los Angeles, CA


" PUUR made me a lot more self-aware. I know how to deal with my emotions in better ways. Just by talking it through with people... that's what's been super helpful for me."

Christine Kennedy
San Diego, CA

#Live Better


Chris West_PUUR.jpg

"PUUR opened my mind to see rainbow colors!"

Christian West
Los Angeles, CA


"PUUR has transformed my life in a way that is outwardly visible to myself and others. My ability to have self compassion, as well as manifest my goals, has grown exponentially. I am eternally grateful to PUUR!!”

Wendy Starland
Beverly Hills, CA

Pure Beauty



Kiko PUUR Headshot.png

" PUUR led me to discover happiness is right by my side! Love ❤️ is within reach. My relationships with my husband, my mom, my daughter, and my coworkers all got better. Thanks to PUUR!"

Kiko Ao
West Covina, CA

Pure Mom
       Pure Love

"PUUR has been helping me feel a lot more authentic to who I am and have the courage to share what I’m going through. After I PUUR, I feel very loved by the person I'm PUURing with." 

Erika Ismailyan
Glendale, CA

Manny Before-After.png



"I was crippled by type 2 diabetes, a stroke and the death of my boy. I was on the brink of collapse; from financial to marital. Sickcare was of little help and psychotherapy was worse. A friend showed me PUUR. I've healed and have been empowered by PUUR to achieve life success that I didn't think was possible. In 2019 I was listed as a "Medical Miracle!" My doctors couldn't believe my progress. Today I give back by sharing PUUR with fellow stroke and trauma survivors. Thank you PUUR!!"

Emmanuel Gigante
San Jose, CA


Theresa headshot-3.jpg

"Before PUUR, I suffered chronic anxiety, major depression, financial problems, chronic pain, fatigue, rage, relationship issues, and suicidal thoughts... My life was falling apart. I tried doctors, counselors, self-help..., but nothing worked. I felt helpless...

Then through PUUR, I was miraculously upgraded. For the first time, I feel truly and joyfully alive (not just existing). All of the chronic issues are gone. Happy is my new norm. Today, I'm happily married, pills-free ($0 medical expenses) with a thriving business.

The power of 10-min PUUR never ceases to amaze me. It's the best and the quickest way to be filled with good energy and love! With this, life is much more fun, simple and meaningful!" 

Theresa Lee
PUUR Co-Founder, Pasadena, CA

Huge Gains. Small Step.

Being your best need not be boring, impossible, time-consuming, and costly — IF, you practice PUUR. About 10-min a day is all you need.

1. Watch Demo

Learn how to PUUR directly from a master, our Founder

2. Set PUUR

Set the number of PUUR you like a day at the times you want

3. Begin PUUR

Choose your PUUR pal. Enjoy instant soothing and renewing...
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Bruce Perry MD PHD

"Talking heart-to-heart with people who are present and supportive is the best buffer against all the stressors going on in your day."

Prof. Bruce Perry, MD, PhD, PhD, World-Renowned Psychiatrist, Neuroscientist, World's Top Trauma & Mental Health Researcher Clinician