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World's #1 app for burnout

Spa your mind.

Feel, look and be your best in just 10 minutes a day!


of users increased connectedness*
*The #1 factor of mental health & wellbeing
Within 19 days


of users increased happiness*
Within 19 days
*The #1 factor of relational & physical health


increased compassion & empathy*
*The #1 factor of high EQ, leadership, success
Within 19 days
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Sources: [1] Kristine Klussman · Austin Lee Nichols · Julia Langer · Nicola Curtin. doi:10.5502/ijw.v10i2.855. (2020). Science Daily, (2020). [2] Harvard, (2017). [3] Forbes. (2022),  Inc. (2018). Annamaria Di Fabioa, Donald H. Saklofskeb. doi: 10.1016/j.paid.2020.110109. (2020).

Why the pandemic of BURNOUT and unwell, even pre-Covid, despite so many "pros" and programs?

Because solutions to detox daily social stress (the root of these issues) don't exist

What Are the Top 35 Neurobiological Signs of Social Stress? -Healthline
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Social stress is the “I'm not enough hormone” that causes “I'm not enough” behaviors: Racing toward deadlines in fear of judgment, perfectionism: Running away from criticism, hustling for worth, performing for Likes, huffing to keep up with the Joneses.
In the digital age, social stress attacks each of us 3,500 times per day. It's the #1 cause (by far) of toxicity in your mind (“brain-body”); from toxic stress hormones, neurotoxins to toxic inflammation — causing 90% of problems; from financial, physical, to relational. Learn more

Making matters worse, the go-tos; from “therapy”, groups/chats, “self-help,” to mindfulness, can’t lower social stress, and even raise it.

Discover PUUR App!

10-min compassion calls: 5-min somatic emotion-sharing + 5-min compassionate-listening with peers all around the world!

The only solution shown by breakthrough neuroscience to trounce “therapy,” detox 51 times more social stress than mindfulness and is the best brain & EQ builder. Plus;

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