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Human Flourishing On-Demand

Your best happiness, health and success through guided 10-minute heart-sharing calls with pals around the world.

Be pure

#1 prescription of leading clinicians for best wellness, mental health and success

5-min somatic expression + 5-min compassionate-listening ("PUUR")

About PUUR
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of users increased connectedness

The #1 driver of mental health and wellbeing



raised success skills like compassion... 

The #1 driver of financial health and leadership



increased happiness and awareness

The #1 drivers of social to educational health


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In the past decade, $100 trillion was spent on “wellness”, so why are we so unwell?

Because common methods don't help but harm

From psychotherapy, mindfulness to "wellness"

Most already know, daily stress causes 90% of all health problems in all parts of life; from financial, physical, mental to educational. But then why is stress at all-time highs too?

Because it's only recently, has science concluded that the stress causing all our unwellness is hormonal social stress and the brain damage it causes. Social stress is the "I'm not enough. I don't belong. What's wrong with me. What will

they think. I feel judged..." hormone. Nothing is more toxic to our happiness, health and success.

In the digital age, each person is attacked 3,500 times per day with an onslaught of social stress. And common methods don't lower social stress but raise it, and don't improve the brain. Thus, the abysmal 95% failure rate of all common methods for "wellness and success."