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Do the “Helping” Industries Help or Harm?

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At PUUR, our #1 guiding principle is to protect our precious members ("Do No Harm"). This means no lies of omission — FULL DISCLOSURE of all methods that has been shown by leading studies and respected clinicians to cause harm. Our intention is not to push others down, but to raise safety up.


Millions of innocent lives were destroyed because "Do No Harm" wasn't practiced by those peddling Tobacco, Teflon, LSD to Opioids. These were once touted as "safe" by "the experts." Learn from the past or we're doomed to repeat it. The truth is the safest ground to stand upon — discover it below.

“When you want to help people, you tell them the truth. When you want to help yourself, you tell them what they want to hear.”


Thomas Sowell


Denounced by the world's leading lifestyle medicine, trauma and mental health pioneers; from Dr. Bruce Perry, MD, PhD, to The Father of Lifestyle Medicine; Dean Ornish, MD, to renowned celebrity psychiatrist; Paul Conti, MD. Why? 


Why do renowned teachers of buddhism laugh at ‘mindfulness’ practitioners? How is meditation harmful and why narcissists love navel-gazing?

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Brain Games

These apps promise brain improvements but all they've delivered are headaches, being fined millions for false advertising by the FTC, and over 70 of the world's top neuroscientists...debunked brain games.


Gurus or sociopath marketers? Billionaires denounce “self-help” and its rah-rah anecdotal stories. Only 2-3% of self-help books have sufficient scientific backing.


“Mom, they see me as a dollar sign.” The rehab industry bakes in a 93% failure rate to create recurring customers and massive recurring income. Piling up dead bodies.

Soft Skills Training

EQ prof. Daniel Goleman and other top studies say, passive training methods do not increase emotional intelligence, empathy nor compassion.


New breakthrough studies reveal corporate “wellness” just doesn’t work. Many of the glowing studies are written by the industry itself.

“Science is the search for the truth.”


Dr. Linus  Pauling, two-time Nobel Prize recipient

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