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Do “Helping” Industries Help or Harm?

Psychotherapy  |  Mindfulness  |  Wellness  |  Self-Help  |  Rehab  |  Soft Skills Training

See The Truth They Don't Want You To See


Mental illness? There are no tests nor cures. How the near-100%-failure industry keeps profiting by turning patients into addicts? A mega fraud in broad daylight.


Why do renowned teachers of buddhism laugh at ‘mindfulness’ practitioners? How is solo meditation harmful and why narcissists love navel-gazing?


New groundbreaking studies reveal corporate wellness just doesn’t work. Many of the past glowing studies are in fact written by the industry itself.


Gurus or sociopath marketers? Billionaires denounce “self-help” and its rah-rah anecdotal stories. Only 2-3% of self-help books have sufficient scientific backing.


“Mom, they see me as a dollar sign.” The rehab industry bakes in a 93% failure rate to create recurring customers and massive recurring income. Piling up dead bodies.

Soft Skills Training

EQ prof. Daniel Goleman and other top studies say, passive training methods do not increase emotional intelligence, empathy nor compassion.

“Science is the search for the truth.”


Dr. Linus  Pauling, two-time Nobel Prize recipient

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